I would like to represent you a variety of duck liver products including duck liver foie gras, duck foie gras terrine, and mousse of it. They are produced by the most famous and time-tested companies such as Rougie Foie Gras and Hudson Valley which are truly taking care of manufacturing technologies and enjoying working with these specific products, as well as to be specialized in producing gourmet food. Rougie Foie Gras and Hudson Valley are ready to provide all the American families with a range of unforgettable delicatessen.

First of all, you should find out what is the duck liver. Duck liver is a deli-product that is enormously valuable for its nutritional and taste qualities; it is also considered to be an offal dish of the first category due to the substance of complete proteins in it. Thus, this kind of product is definitely not inferior to meat, and by the way, you can often find duck liver for sale, that is a pleasant bonus to all its gastronomic advantages.

Secondly, how do we get it? Mallard is a hybrid of Muscovy duck but with a number of characteristic features. The most important is that this species of the bird gives us an opportunity to receive a high-quality fatty liver which is used to prepare a well-known signature dish of French origin. Probably all of us have already recall foie gras. It can be made both from duck and goose liver.

So, what to choose – goose or duck liver? Duck one is more often used due to its specific saturated taste, as well as a vivid touch of rectilinear flavor and unrepeatable aroma. Duck foie gras cost is more affordable that goose one, that is why enjoys greater popularity. Goose liver possesses inimitable tender and exquisite taste and is highly appreciated among gourmets. It is not always in stock, but when it is, you can catch the moment to buy goose liver for sale.

In developed countries – the USA, France, Germany, Italy, etc. – fatty duck liver refers to delicatessen products. This high-calorie dish possesses an enormously gentle consistency, and it is actually thanks to high fat content. This kind of liver is used to provide some specific products with a peculiar taste and aroma. A great example is the famous French pate foie gras, which is traditional Christmas dish, as well as a symbol of refined gastronomic elegance. It attracts our taste buds by means of its amazing flavor, and, in addition, is very similar to fuagra, however, unlike it, includes the following ingredients: butter or cream, onions, flavorings and, apparently, duck or goose liver, which is mixed with other components. Sometimes certain alcoholic beverages (for example, wine or cognac) can be added to this delicate dish, what makes the flavor more vivid. Pate foie gras price will also pleasantly surprise you.

Terrine and mousse are other ways to present duck or goose liver. Terrine is a pre-prepared cold dish, foie gras should be baked in an oven, using a water bath, or boiled, using a tissue made of fat. Mousse is the emulsion of foie gras, with the addition of duck fat, that is really fit to use with toasted baguette.

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